Start Trading with Olliv: Coin Flip’s Crypto Platform for Beginners

• Coin Flip – a leading crypto and fintech company launches ‘Olliv’ – a platform for safe, inclusive trading of cryptocurrencies.
• Olliv eliminates middlemen, third parties and provides users with self-custodial wallets to control their assets.
• The goal is to demystify cryptocurrency and open up access to digital economies with secure transactions.

Coin Flip Introduces Olliv: A Crypto Platform for Beginners

Coin Flip, a leading crypto and fintech company, has launched Olliv – a new platform designed to be safe, inclusive, and self-custody-powered. It ensures anyone who invests or trades in crypto can gain access to simple financial services like they would in any other market.

A Secure Self-Custodial Model

Through Olliv, users can buy, sell, trade, and receive digital currencies through self-custodial wallets without the need for middlemen or third parties intruding on their data or identity. This makes it easier for customers to participate in the digital economy with secure transactions.

The Goal: Demystifying Cryptocurrency

Ben Weiss – CEO and co-founder of Coin Flip – explained that the launch of Olliv aims to demystify cryptocurrency by welcoming people into this next step toward financial revolution regardless of their financial background or knowledge. Further growth and innovation are expected in the coming year as people move closer towards on-ramping the next generation of crypto investors.

Breaking Down Barriers Around Safety & Sovereignty

Rory Herriman – chief technology officer at Coin Flip – commented that they envision a future where everyone can participate in the digital economy with their holdings making everyday purchases without having to deal with frustrating intermediaries. The vision for Olliv is therefore one which innovates and breaks down barriers around safety, security, and sovereignty so individuals have ownership of their assets thanks to cryptocurrency’s accessibility.

Getting The Next Generation Into Trading

One big goal behind Olliv is providing more people with access into the crypto arena so they too can start trading easily alongside others who already have plenty of experience doing so from before.