MKR Price Soars Near Crucial $800 Level – Get Ready for Big Gains!

Maker Price Prediction for Today, February 13th

• Maker (MKR) currently trades around $765 and faces the uptrend as it remains above the 9-day and 21-day moving averages.
• If the buyers can push the price above the upper boundary of the channel, MKR/USD could hit resistance levels of $900, $950 and $1000 respectively.
• However, if the current level fails to hold strong, Maker could slip towards lower boundary of the channel with critical supports at $550, $500 and $450.


The Maker price prediction shows that MKR faces the north as the technical indicator Relative Strength Index (14) moves to the upside. The coin is now trading around $765 and must stay above its 9-day and 21-day moving averages in order to reach its next target at a crucial level of $800. If this level fails to hold strong, Maker could slip towards its lower boundary of its channel with critical supports at $550,$500 and $450. Meanwhile when compared with Bitcoin (BTC), Maker is currently above both its 9-day and 21-day moving averages with nearest resistance levels at 4000 SAT.

Technical Indicators

When looking at technical indicators such as Relative Strength Index (RSI 14), Maker may begin to follow an upward trend due to signal line crossing over 60 suggesting that it may trade bullishly. As for Bitcoin comparisons, unless resistance levels effectively holds AND closing prices remain above them there might not be any reason to expect a long term bullish reversal.

Resistance & Support Levels

For MKR/USD pair potential resistance levels are located at:$900 ,$950 ,$1000 while support levels are located at:$550 ,$500 & $450 respectively. For MKRBTC comparison potential resistance is located at 4000 SAT while support would be found below 3000 SAT if lower boundary of channel is breached by bears.


Overall the outlook looks positive for Maker as technical indicators suggest a bullish trend in sight but caution is advised since any significant breakthroughs on either side requires more effort from buyers or sellers respectively before reaching their respective targets especially when crossing over key support or resistance levels .